About Us

For many years, parents of hearing-impaired children have experienced the joy of their children being able to hear and – through therapeutic support –gaining the ability to speak. The Cochlear Implant (CI), an electronic hearing aid implanted inside the inner ear during surgery, makes this small miracle possible. The decisive factor in the success of the implant is the holistic nature of the post-implant rehabilitation process which is both individual and family-oriented.
Our Cochlear Implant Centre, based in Berlin-Brandenburg, was established in June 2000 and is located in the Werner Otto House where we carry out the post-operation rehabilitation.
At our centre, children, adolescents and adult who have either an unilateral or bilateral CI will receive therapeutic and pedaudiological attention for at least two years after surgery. But that is not all: the CIC will remain your contact for all matters relating to your Cochlear Implant.

Start-up Phase:

It is mainly due to parents’ commitment towards their hearing-impaired children as well as to adult CI users that the idea of a CI rehabilitation centre for Berlin-Brandenburg became a reality. This resulted in the CIC cooperating with the Berlin-Brandenburgischen Cochlear Implant Gesellschaft e.V., public authorities, Health Insurance Funds, and the MEDIAN Kliniken Verwaltungsgesellschaft. Werner Otto, a businessman from Hamburg, also provided immense support having already committed himself for over 50 years to early diagnosis and treatment for disabled children.

Our management company is a non-profit association: BBCIG e.V.

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